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by Deborah Shelton Wood

Francis Norwood was born circa 1635 in England. Francis married Elisabeth, the daughter of Clement Coldham and Mary Pierce of England. Elisabeth and Francis were married in Essex County, Massachusetts on the 15th day of October in the year 1663.

Their son Joshua Norwood married Elizabeth Andrews who was born in the town of Ipswich in Essex Co MA. Elizabeth's parents were William Andrews and Margaret Woodward of Massachusetts.

On November 28 1723 a daughter was born to them. They named her Abigail. Abigail married Josiah Lane from another Essex Co MA family. Son, Levi was born to them in 1754 in Annisquam, Essex Co MA. Levi became the father of Hannah Lane, the grandmother of Eva Moring. Eva was the wife of Dr. Arno Behr of Prussia, Chicago and Pasadena, California.

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1 Francis NORWOOD b: ABT 1635

+ Elisabeth COLDHAM

2 Joshua NORWOOD b: 27 Feb 1681/1682

+ Elizabeth ANDREWS b: ABT 1690

3 Abigail NORWOOD b: 28 Nov 1723 d: 9 Nov 1774

+ Josiah LANE b: 29 Mar 1721 d: 1766

4 Levi LANE b: 3 Nov 1754 d: 21 Jun 1806

+ Susanna NEWMAN

5 Hannah LANE b: 18 Apr 1796 d: BEF 1860

+ Selden BRAYNARD b: ABT 1789 d: 27 Dec 1862

6 August BRAYNARD b: 1832

7 Charles BRAYNARD

6 Harriet BRAYNARD b: 1834


6 Mary Jane BRAYNARD b: 1839

+ Augustine MORING b: ABT 1832

7 Harriet MORING b: 1858

7 Alexander MORING b: 1860

7 Eva MORING b: Nov 1862

+ Arno BEHR b: Aug 1846

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Lane Family History

Annisquam, Massachusetts, home of the Lane Family.

Pierce Coat of Arms


U.S. Federal Census images
"Lane Family" by Fitts, p 234 Vol. three.
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